Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snaps from the cell phone

Doing the big purge of the cell phone gallery so here's some images I felt worthy of showing.

 The Garden
 Donna, I and Jack.
 Jack and Mags
 Getting me some eyebrows
 Mags with dessert and striped teeth
 The fam, Paravicini's
 Sharon and I NYE 2010
 Cyn singing with the band
 Sue, Greg snomobling
 Noel and Canadian undies
 In the AFA restroom
 Sharon washing Jack
 Jack wrestling a bulldog
 Jack with ball
 Jack and Carol at dog park
 Woody swings with deer at Russel's bar.
Creepy sea captain that was watching us pee at the Russel's
Hope your week is well...  Carol

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