Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's a beautiful morning...

I know, where have I been? Then I show back up all chipper...

I'll tone it down.

I was having a bunch of uneventful days and really had nothing to add to make your life more enjoyable. I can't remember any instance where I thought "Oh I got to remember that one for the blog." So rather than bore you I just kept it all deep down inside.  Now I am ready to let it all out.

This past Thursday was the first Survivor of the season.  It didn't fail to amuse.  That and it was my super hubby's birthday as well.  Here' some photos of his celebration:

Charlotte creatively decorated an awesome cake.

Nothing says "Greg" more than a sheep with a bird on it's back, nothing.  Very Americana.

I think the lighted tongs were his favorite gift however,

Well, maybe second to a signed copy of Mr. Manley's Manley Man Manuel. I wonder who will receive it next. Stayed tuned.

He's off snowmobiling in the mts.  So happy birthday to him, he deserves it.

OK.  Back to Survivor.  You may or may not have read a bit back when I wrote that one of the Survivor contestants had in fact gone to my esteemed high school in western NY, Wayland Central School, now in fact called Wayland-Cohocton after blending with another small school.  I however did not go to the Cohocton school. I really don't remember much about him except he played on the basketball team and was a very nice guy.

His name is Phillip Sheppard and if you watched the first show last Wed., you know exactly who I am talking about. Here's a link from a  local small newspaper about him.  To say he's an interesting contestant may be the understatement of the year.  After searching for reaction about him other blogs they think he's a nut -job to be frank. I will say this: I know the show edits for the best reaction to a contestant.  However, I think he broke every rule you must follow to stay in the game very long, he brought up he was an ex-fed agent no less than twenty times, was a pushy know-it-all making the shelter and a loud mouth at tribal council.  To top it all off he wore saggy pink underwear.  Can't they wear bathing suits anymore?  I am sick of looking at their bras and underwear.  Jeeze.

Well it's not good to rush to judgement and contestants have risen out of the hole they have initially dug for themselves so I hope Phil digs himself out of this one. Maybe it's the hole of a bad edit. At least he was entertaining.  And that's what the producers want: a new, fresh, unpredictable dude to make us shake our heads in disbelief.

Nothing else much talking about but I will try not being so boring for so long.

Oh happy V-D day late from Jack Guinta:

What a sweet boy. Ehh?

 Ta ta, WCS class of '78 and future survivor contestant, (joke) most definitely a joke, CSL

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