Tuesday, February 22, 2011

running tired

I am running tired right from the get-go today.

Long day shooting yesterday for the paper.  Then had a little pizza get together after.  We were home by 10:00 pm but still very wiped.

Anyway there's some overused words that I have been hearing that I could live without hearing for awhile these include: uber, "wrap my head around...". "love me some", epic, there's more.  But humor me and if you see me coming by all means do not use one of these words or phrases as I have had it. That's all.

Gotta go get me an uber cup of Joe and start my epic day by wrapping my head around my job so I can love me a good day. You too. Carol

PS: I also HATE when people call fresh snow, powder, "freshies" or "pow pow", so try to refrain from that too.  Thanks.

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