Friday, January 21, 2011

This ain't no disco

that's for sure.

Wow, I took a hiatus.  I just didn't have the energy to fire-up my creative energies.  Hope I didn't forget all the humorous and insightful perceptions of my mountain journey.  Hey I can always make some shit up.

Anyway our family joined another family minus their kid and split a cabin. High Country Cabin, that's it's name. We've known them for years so consequently they know all about our characteristics: we theirs.  So no surprises. We ate, drank, played board games, snowmobiled,  went sledding, heck I even read 20 pages of a book. No wild stories, which sounds boring but is really refreshing sometimes.  Varsity members came over Saturday night but that was even tame.

Here's some snaps:

I went to post these last night after I had the Survivor crew over, but I posted them to Facebook instead.  That's what happens when I drink a bottle of wine.

Charlotte made the appetizer as a joke because Denise who always puts an exquisite plate together decided to see/work (not sure) the BB King concert downtown.  The cheese balls were quite good.

I am very excited about the NFL Divisional playoffs Sunday.  The Bears play the Packers first game.  Man, I hope the Bears can pull it off.  I won't pretend to be a big NFC central expert; I am new to the scene.  However I have been around enough to know what a huge rivalry these teams are.  I am really pulling for Cutler to have a great game. I will light candles for power.  Seven African Powers.

In the AFC I am pulling for the Jets.  Yes, I am from NY but I have no allegiance to them, I just think the Steelers have been tto the Superbowl enough.  Plus, quite frankly Worthlessburger would be in jail right now if he was a regular guy. Pretty sure.  Sexual assault is usually punishable with prison time.

Today the paper where I work, (used to work) laid-off two photogs from the staff.  Fuckers.  I was hoping they would not do this, however there's not much content left to the thing, it looks so weak. Not the photos, they are quality, it's the size of the paper that's so diminished. Sad really.
 I am sure they are devastated but I am confident they will end up better off.

Have a great weekend people. C.
ps. Go Bears, Go Jets.....

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