Friday, January 7, 2011

and the Lord said,"Let there be light"

 I had a light bulb moment.  Just now. Not sure if the Lord had anything to do with it, but perhaps.

 I can pull out of these doldrums. Just stay tuned.  I'll let you know.

Okay where was I....... oh yeah I was hating on some people for hating.

You're gonna hate me or maybe just mildly disagree.  But this whole shenanigans about that naval officer losing command of his ship, the Enterprise, is pure bullshit.  If anyone had any problems with their little smutty comic relief video why hasn't anyone come forward before this.  It was shot in 2007.  This 24/7 news cycle dishing out the goods on all non-politically correctness is just plain annoying.  It's the Navy not the Glee Club. 

I busted pretty good on Brett Farve a while back.  Now I am sticking up for him because of the lawsuits by the two Jets' hired masseuses. The claim sexual harassment by Farve and the termination by the Jets. Again, if they were bothered four years ago by this, then why the lawsuit now.  Fucking weakling gold diggers.

I just erased I full paragraph on the office where I work.  Let's just say it didn't put them in a good light and leave it at that.  Need the job for the time being.

My Subaru turned 100k miles today. I shot a photo of the alignment of nines.  A few years back this would have been a good enough reason to throw a bash.

I had a friend, Joey back in the good ole days, that drove backwards so his odometer wouldn't turn forward in order to come get me so I would be in his car when it turned 100,000.  That's what I thought of today. Hey Joey, out there somewhere. Being wacky?

Enough about the "man with the golden voice".  You know the homeless guy from Ohio, that now has been on NBC for about 24 hours.  He was on the Today show yesterday, several other NBC show throughout and then when I flicked on the TV about 1 A.M. he was on Jimmy Fallon, then on the Today show again this morning with his mother.  I am very glad for him but I feel his feel-good story will stop feeling good with all this over exposure.  Maybe other homeless people will gain hopefulness and employment.  They need feel-good too.

Keep up the good work if you're doing it and if not, you can do it.  Regardless I hope you feel good.  CSL

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