Monday, January 24, 2011

Why is everyone picking on Jay Cutler???

Let me first say I was disappointed with the outcome of both NFL division playoff games yesterday.  I think if both games were a few minutes longer there would be a different Super Bowl.

Cutler did not have a good half, I'll admit that.  I think part of that was due to his injured knee.  Now the media, commentators, players and fans are busting his ass.  I think they are implying he should have played hurt and perhaps messed his knee up for good. Really?  He's a good player with a good heart and tough as a good player needs to be.  At least he's not a drunk, drug user, wife beater, hot head, murderer or rapist, all which were represented in the play off teams.

I thought this column and the first comment were fairly right-on.  The columnist is Dave Ramsey from the Gazette.

I still love you Jay.  Stay strong.

     Rodgers got all flustered in the 4th quarter and was scowling on the sidelines but he's such a media darling he can do no wrong.
     The Jets had a great 2nd half even getting a safety against a tackled Worthlessburger, haha,  I will watch the Super Bowl and I will have a good time doing so, but I have no dog in the fight.

In other news, well not much to report. It was an odd day at the paper. I mean with two FT staffers gone things will have to change.  I am not sure if they will change my hours. I am meeting with the two photographers that were laid-off Friday to discuss a possible business proposition.

I took some photos today but you would not be impressed.

You might be impressed by these; links from the bloggess, where I go when I can't come up with my own good shit.
Awesome art:
Pets are cute:

Hope you have a good week!! And whatever you do, don't play injured...... CSl

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  1. You and I may be the only Cutler fans in the USA. Most people basically see him as you see Philip Rivers. Media always wants to create a storyline and use audio/video to support that, thru selective editing. No doubt, the storyline for Rodgers is "nice guy/good guy". Still, I like how he plays on the field. He is very calm and makes the right decision often. Cutler is more of an Elway/Favre in how he plays...a little crazy at times, some bad decisions at times, but the spirit of competition...very high. I'll be happy if GB wins and they can move on from Favre once and for all. I do like Favre but he only won 1 Super Bowl and then took a perfect ending to a perfect career and completely made it into a disaster, for the most part. And yet, he almost went to the Super Bowl last year. For sure, gunslingers can win. They lift their teams. But a Joe Montana? That's what I think Rodgers may be- on the field. Maybe off the field, too. that's the storyline for now. :-)


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