Thursday, January 27, 2011

What can I say...

but alleluia it's Thursday.

Thought I'd stop by to say hi.  Hi.

Don't you hate it when someone makes a very stressful situation more stressful?

That's what happened when I was on deadline with the Academy paper and thinking I'd get it out on time and then the transfer doesn't go right.  Ok, "I can deal with that I think", that happens.  Stress level rises.  Then the paper boss man gets all mad because it's because the Gazette's server is the messed up one. So he starts yelling.  Stress level even higher.  Then I mess up making the PDF's go in order and he said he'd get them.  Then he means I should burn them to a disk after I had shut down my computer.  Stress level higher.  Stress level is up where I could be losing years off my life.

That's okay.  Thursday night and the crew is coming for dinner.  That and I stopped and got two very nice bottles of wine.  Red wine.  Got my years back I am thinking.

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