Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good news/bad news/bad news/good news...

I was awaken from a sound sleep by the phone this AM, it was Chase, one of my credit cards had been used fraudulently, bad news.

Chase cancelled my card and caught it before they racked up a bunch of charges. I won't be held responsible for the charge, good news.

I was cleaning out my car this morning while listening to Car Talk, good news.
I was hanging my legs out of the door and the door shut right on my arthritic knee, bad news.

I got a little dizzy twice this morning and I was freaking out a little because I had to shoot a wedding, bad news.

Well I didn't have any subsequent spells and shot the wedding without fainting, it was very nice, good

I promised Maggie lunch but she took so long getting ready the place we were going to go was closed, bad news

We went to another restaurant, a crepe place that was really good, good news.

The service was so bad at the crepe place we were waiting around for our dessert menu for fifteen minutes, bad news.

The banana's foster was so good they are worth a second chance, good news for them

I spent $50 on the meal, bad news.

I still had a fifty left from my b-day money, good news.

The Seattle Seahawks managed to win against the Saints, bad news
The Seahawks will be an easier team for Chicago to beat in a week, good news

I hope all your news is good news. CSL

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