Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The aftermath

Election day has come and gone but the results have crowded the airwaves, as they should.  My heart was warmed when Nancy Pelosi was ousted as Speaker of the House.  And Harry Reid was given a run for his money, wish he would have lost.  Ha ha.  You can't live in a suite at the Hyatt Regency and fly across country weekly on Air Force one at the expense of tax payers and expect the rest of us working schmucks to tighten our belts and go without basics.  I know its how it is and how it will always be.  Politicians living large. We really don't want some hayseeds in there running the country but for the love of Pete, give us some sense your looking out for our money.  I am glad about Hickenlooper as CO Governor and the tax decreases voted down but that's all I will comment on politics.

Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun, but mama, that's where the fun is.  Hope you find where your fun is.  Carol

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