Sunday, November 7, 2010

WOOee another gorgeous Colorado day....

Thursday was my daughter's 14th birthday.

As usual, the Survivor gang threw a great birthday.

We have a little memorial set-up for our cat Blackie that died a few years back at the age of 21.  But I am off track on the birthday so back at it.

Charlotte bought her an ice cream cake.  In the middle of the night, a raccoon knocked 
it off the bar out back.  Bad Rocky.

  Mags had a great time

She opened a DVD for learning how to hula dance.

John made her a pretty princess poster, said he better not make her a poster like Denise's

Yesterday,  We went out ATVing in the Round Mtn. area.  We rode out to Badger Mt. and walked out to the hang-gliding take-off ramp.

Chuck was there too but he didn't ride up the nasty part of the trail cause he just had prostate surgery.

John said he felt like flying.

It's a pretty cool view over South Park to the Collegiate Range,

We came back and had some crab legs for happy hour.

Brain food.

As we were leaving, G2 was building a fire from our fence posts he replaced.

He sent me this via phone after we left.  The guys stayed and camped.

Jack's Indian name is "Runs with stick"

Today I have been given the job of looking in on the travel plan options for 11-11-11.  We decided that at the Russel's bar last night.  Cruise or tropical vacation?  We were laughing because with my procrastination habits, we could be very well staying at the Holiday Inn in Pueblo.  No I won't let that happen.  I will start looking into it today, I mean tonight, I mean sometime today. yay have yer self a very happy daylight savings turnback day.  It's beautiful out here.

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