Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting ready for the feast

of Thanksgiving.

The dryer went ka-put last week.  It was repaired Friday but my laundry is so backed up G2 has been wearing hunting socks.  He neither hunts nor likes hot feet in tennis shoes so better get caught up.  Socks are the last to get done simply because they are not convenient to pick up singularly, they are all collectively scooped up for the last load.

Friday I took two of our sleeping bags to the laundry mat and As I walked up two older homeless men asked me for ten dollars.  It just struck me the wrong way. Ten dollars ? Really?  Usually I pony-up a dollar or two.  I said no I have ten dollars to do laundry, so sorry.  Then I did something that I have not treated myself to in quite sometime.  After looking to see if the scraggly men were around I went down to the nail salon and got a pedicure.  Did I feel guilty? Absolutely not.  I spent my birthday money on myself and not the kids or something for the house or for two stinky men to get drunk on.

Things happen for a reason I believe.  The nail tech whose name was Anna, told me about a friend of hers that was always so busy and running around all unhappy.  When she was telling me this she was saying it like she was talking to her friend, "You are always angry.  If you were nice and cheerful more things would come your way, quit complaining, quit yelling at everyone, you need to slow down, ect ect,"  I think she was a Shaman talking to me. ( I once visited a Shaman when I was having panic attacks in the eighties but that's another post.) I needed that because I have been off-track and was thinking about getting some counselling.

Good Lord, that pedicure was long over due.  I tipped her ten bucks for basically telling me to quit being a douche and get my life together if I didn't like it the way it was.

Here's a snap shot of Mags and Jack yesterday when she was practicing her violin.  He's such a perfect dog for us.

These are a few from the Denver Aquarium


I thought Donna would jump in the tank to pet these stingrays.  One of the attendants told her to quit splashing the water because they would jump out.

  Hart to believe these Jelly fish are actually fish

Sting rays so bizarre.  This is the nose and mouth.

There's a few tigers at the place. Because every aquarium needs some tigers.

This was sunset a few days ago when Jack and I walked Red Rocks Canyon.

Speaking of Jack, this morning he was trying to reach those diapers I told you about.  The ones Jeff Probst of Survivor fame sent me as a gag birthday gift.  I had them on my night stand. Jack would love to rip 'em up and I half thought about letting him, but then I figured I better keep them around in case I need to take a long trip somewhere.  Like Orlando, Fl. You know I might not want to take the time to stop.  HAha.

Remember walk tall and carry a big stick.  If you can't carry it then chew it.

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