Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It was only a matter of time

before I blew a gasket.

You know when a neighbor or maybe someone who has become famous tells the story about the job they hated before they made it or became happily employed?  They go on about the sucky job and how they got through it and then they tell an anecdotal story?

I don't give a shit if I 'make it' big I just want to be able to tell you about when I was dissatisfied with my employment but how things ended up A-okay. I won't bore you with details.  Can things get better ?, sure.  It would help to get an "atta girl" every once in a while.

I had a fabulous 50th.  My friends Lyn and Donna flew in from Buffalo and boy were their arms were tired.  Actually they surprised me as I sat around drinking wine Wed. evening.  I am gonna plug in the photos and I'll fill in the words later as I have a strong headache.  

The big blow-out.

Jeff Probst sent me some diapers.  You know for those times when I don't feel like getting up to pee.

I don't know what to hell I am doing here but I thought I looked okay so I put it in.

.  This is Friday's trip to Cave of the Winds.  I went a few years ago so I don't think I need to go for another five years.  That's how long I think I can retain the stalagmites 
and stalactites lesson the guide gave us.

This is a snap of Donna standing where they take your photo and try to get you to play lots of money for it.  We didn't buy it as it looked exactly like us and we were not satisfied.

Pinhead on the left, left Sunday so this is her airport portrait.  Still call her Pinhead.  I can still hear my mom say, "Don't call that cute little girl Pinhead.  So where is Pinhead?"

Monday I took Donna to Denver.
We went to the Denver Aquarium to meet up with her Buffalo friend that's her financial advisor.
This otter was the cutest damn resident of the aquarium.  Oh yeah, there were some fugly fish and eels and all there.

But it was pretty fascinating.  As typical, an old dude took to me and became my personal tour guide for awhile, even pointing out the stingray's asshole.

The morning before she left, we took Jack on a walk in the park.  It's my favorite loop.

Donna loved it too.

And Jack really loved it.
Donna stayed in Denver Monday night and G2 and I went to Gordon Lightfoot as previously mentioned.  I have to admit that it was free which made it more attractive.  Gordon, not so much.  He's about a million years old and partially fossilized.  I thought he was gonna stroke out there for awhile.  But he got in a groove of sorts and belted out his pop hits like Rainy Day People and Sun Down.  He was personable and funny and I will give it a thumbs up even though I heard others thinking he shouldn't be touring any longer.

Donna showed up later Tuesday night and because I had the day from hell at work, I had to drop her off a half day before her flight.  I am sorry and will make it up to her someday.  There's more but not tonight.   Good night. C.
PS hey I need MORE followers as I have been stuck on 22 for quite sometime, jess' saying.


  1. Sorry the job sucks. You know what I think...Jack, picture book. I'm willing to put up $$ if necessary. He is all light and shadow. So photogenic.
    We really like your friends Donna and Lyn.

  2. Joe, It doesn't have to suck is the thing. I could hang with it and start the book, but I need one tiny shred of respect from that office. That's all. They don't even need to like me, just acknowledge my existence. I may have proved my point, let's see.

    Jack book is do-able. John Russel thought about a book about people pets and what they have done for them. Or funny pet stories ect.

    Lyn and Donna are great friends. Thanks. C.


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