Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Halloween to me...

Yup. A surprise 50th birthday for me at our Halloween party.  Here's some snaps from the big shin-dig which took me a whole day to recover from.....

Some familar faces.

  Bob and his wolf hat.

KJ and Greg served marvelous food.

Jackie served the kids

  John was a nerd and Charlotte was Jesse.

I blew out the candles.

Old friends Kevin and Terri were there.

Suz and Sharon were good witches.

And happy too.

I probably looked more like Mama Cass than a gypsy

Ron and Charlotte won the costume contest.
And everyone cheered for them.

Cyn protested that their costumes were store-bought and hers was handmade.

Pam was caught up in their debate.

There was some dancin'

John did some great play acting for his costume.  I could not stop laughing.


Joe and Nina.

The Kings came down from Fort Collins.  Thank you.

The Finn's came from Morrison and Bob was in from Denver.  Thank You.  Pam is camera shy like me.

Greg made a fab breakfast which did not include biscuits.

Mags and Popcorn bonded in the morning.
Well the real day is in a week or so but I am feeling every bit of fifty today, hell,  maybe sixty.
  A big thanks from everyone for showing and all the cool gifts.  Your the bomb.  CSL

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  1. Lots of great pics...Maggie and Popcorn being the best one.


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