Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I didn't vote cause I didn't feel like it

so there.  Trust me it doesn't much matter.  You know checks and balances.  Nothing changes.

Anyway Monday evening I thought our house would be hit by an airplane, explode or something outrageous.  Just that old adage, gloom despair and agony on me type of thing.  As Greg was in pain from is arthritis type of affliction that had him in bed with a fever, I tweeked my fucked-up knee walking the dog at dusk.  I heard a crack as I stepped down and wondered how I would get back home, maybe a mountain lion would notice I was weakened I thought.  I hobbled back and then as I suffered sitting on a heating pad one of my crowns came off as I ate dinner. Then Mags lost four hours of work on her research paper because her computer crashed. One of those days I suppose life dishes out to everyone from time to time.  Bubs escaped the bad luck.

The kids and I laughed our asses off from this lost dog poster from List of the Day.

I think it was the drum or Mr. Oatmeal.

Anyway I have been in a bad mood and I apologize.  Life is too long to be bitter.  Maybe it's cause Halloween is over.  Well let's drag it on a little, shall we.....

Bat cat

Funny as hell from Bev, from http://outofbevshead.blogspot.com/

Ok I feel better.  I think it's more how I am gonna be fifty and I can't walk (right).  That's it.  I just gotta remember, It's better to be a old fart than a young shithead.  Pretty sure.
Let's check on Jack....

I think he's comfortable.

Buh bye for now, chin-up okay, CSL

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