Friday, September 10, 2010

Been there,

been about everywhere, except posting to my beloved blog. Sorry.  Had an entertaining camping weekend but you can't deny I didn't deserve every a laugh that came my way.  Everyone did. Laughter is good medicine.  So laugh.

You know how I say Jack is the hungriest dog I've ever met.  He proved it on our camping trip.  He stole G2's breakfast, a nice looking steak and a cornish hen.  The folks he stole the steak from were very forgiving.  Bob who was the eater of the hen wasn't so gracious.  So he went on and on about it.  On and on.  What did I expect.  He ate it anyway.  Bad dog, bad Bob.

I had a big night around the fire Saturday. Singing, playing guitar and carrying-on. I even did the boog-a-loo.  I know what your thinking, and I am sure I did look great.  Kinda like bluegrass shit-kicking is what I did, fun times.

Well here's some images, I will put in some words but I'll need to catch-up when I have more time.

I hope they get the fire up in Boulder out soon.  Can you imagine- over 130 homes.  I always wonder about all the animals.  Good God, please help them all.

Me and  Choco AKA Jack

The riders at the sight of Maggie's ATV accident.  OMG, it could have been really bad.  She tipped it after glancing her helmet on a log across the trail, in background.  It's a dangerous sport if you are not aware at all times.  I did not want her to go out the next day, but I respect her decision.  I was too hung-over to operate machinery Sunday.

Jack licking a plate.  He is an opportunist.

These are my friends Pam and Bryan,  I grew up with Pam in Lake Placid before leaving at the start of 8th grade, some thirty-eight or so years ago.   We had good times when were were young'uns, playing in the river in our backyard,(we called ourselves the Current Fighters) producing our own radio show where we sang Tammy Wynette and Tommy James and the Shondell's songs and even recorded our own commercials.  We also jumped off the roof of our house with moon boots because then it wouldn't hurt, warning: even with snow and pillows on the snow and with the boots, it still hurt. Rolled down a hill in a dog house.  Played tackle football because there's rally no other type. We ice skated in our front lawn despite the mailman's dismay and we were allowed to go off on snowmobiles by ourselves.  It was idyllic really until my dad took a job transfer.  Honestly that move was the worst time of my life.
Life goes on.
Anyway they showed up in a 31 foot motor home after dark.  Bryan parked it like it was no big deal.  Hope they join us in future camp-outs.  They were very well received. 

My kids.

You know what this means? The first sign of football season. Are you ready for some football?  Best football seat in the world right here......or in the 'hood somewhere..

The gang over for last pre-season last Sunday.

Mags is a short distance runner but she did the long jump this week.

This is the injury from the ATV landing on her ankle.

Maggie's violin lessons are down in Fountain after track meets Tuesday.  Hell, we didn't get home until 9:30 pm, left the house at 8 am.  I call that a long day.

Work was a-ok this week after my camping attitude adjustment. (What if it was b-ok?) I have so much to catch up on and what did I do, yep napped for 2 hours.
I just had a dream, (I know, but I got up early 5:30 am) that all the natural disasters and civil/social problems are not a part of biblical prophecies or cyclic trends, but from aliens living amongst us. They want something. It was pretty intense. One of them was the Bill Gannon character from the old Dragnet series. I feel like I just watched a Sci-Fi flick, whew, weird, or is it?.
Stay cool ya'all, keep an eye out for aliens.C.

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  1. Well, the move did not turn out to be so bad after all! That leg could have been a picture of yours on several occasions.

  2. Your absolutely right Lyn, We had a great time in Wayland. I've never have laughed so hard in my life. I'm a believer things happen for a reason. I was just devastated at the time.
    Mags injury does look like one of mine. Hope it doesn't run in the family. I am paying for all those injuries now......

  3. Just this morning at breakfast I was sharing the story of our trip to Bonaventure to see Bromberg. "Where's David" and "If I didn't do it, somebody else would"

  4. I don't think St. Bonaventure has seen anyone like the likes of us since. My God how did we survive? Fun times.


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