Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Growing some thick skin......

because it's about time.

I bought a breakfast burrito from La Casita on the way to work.  I emptied a little container of salsa in it, took a bite and tomato juice ran down my white T.  This was no small splotch, more like I dumped a plate of spaghetti on my shirt.  Well I was going to put my shirt on backwards because I had a light sweater on, but then I thought, no they don't get tidy, fashionable, Carol at the Academy, (ok, no one really does) they get messy, unmade-bed Carol.  They are lucky to have me clean-shirt or not.  Probably didn't even notice.  Ever the professional.

Sarge at the Academy punched my printer today because it wouldn't work.  Petulant behavior for a military man.  In reality I wanted to punch it too, however I would have broken my hand.  That would not have been a thick skin issue though.  It would have been a thick skull issue.

Another 12 hour day, work, track, dinner, violin, sleep. Very much like birth,school,work death.....

I am photographing Mag's violin teacher's band Saturday.  Man I used to love that kind of work.  Maybe I will love it again.

I'm hoping you're doing what you love or at least with the one you love, or is it love the one your with.  I say your better off with the former. Peace. CSL

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