Monday, September 20, 2010

Everybody hurts...


Got about 1/4 of my cleaning done.  Me oh my-o, I'll get it together someday.  When I start getting down on myself for not being more organized and say,"I gotta get it together" my daughter says, "Mom it's not like your life is ruined and you're strung out on drugs like you make it seem like something horrible is happening, everything is fine." Out of the mouth of babes they say, I do wonder who is more of the adult sometimes.

Have you ever watched that show Hoarders?  Holy shit, there's some people with some problems.  That show is quasi-addicting and I am not sure why. I can't believe people live like that, but they say there's millions of hoarders.  I feel sorry for the kids.  I feel sorry for kids put in horrible situations.

Well everything is not fine for some families tonight and my heart is just broken for them.  Divers pulled two Harrison High School seniors from Prospect Lake today.  They died. Gone. Dead.  Their picnic still on the table.  They were fooling and having a high-school fun-time swimming in Prospect Lake and one didn't make it to shore and one of the others tried to save him and they both went under.  When I was on the scene I was thinking, "Oh shit, I am going to witness this.  This sucks. "  When I put my lens between me and the tragedy it made it bearable to see.  It is something that will stick with me for awhile, never do get used to death.  RIP.

On a lighter note, here's the NFL week 2 update:  Broncos won decidedly against the flailing Sea-birds, Jay Cutler, the QB God, took the Chicago Bears over the Dallas Cowpoos, Shanahan and his Redskins lost a heartbreaker in OT, Peyton is a better QB than his bruddah Eli, and The Buffalo Bill stunk, and oh yeah KC is doing great and about time.  That wraps that up. Editors note: Ok, from comments, I sense my friend Joe, originally from KS, is not convinced they are winners by winning.  I think.

I know, no pictures lately, I have gotten boring. I got some, I'll get'em up here.  Here's one, if you can stomach anything more about my freaking' dog Jack, the best dog in America.

Stay strong, stay safe and hug the kids tight.  CSL

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