Saturday, September 25, 2010

So bar maid bring a pitcher...

another round of brew....

We're heading up to Breckenridge for some R&R with friends.  The plan is to play cards, tip some beverages and eat KJ's phenomenal food.  I am definitely up for that. But before I go I gotta tell you about Thursday's birthday bash for Charlotte and Suz during Survivor.

Okay, this is my cat while I was wrapping their gifts.  She's pretty pissed about the dog getting so much "ink" when he's so bad and she's so good.  So here's some hype about my cat Rae Ann, the best cat in America.

John's awesome birthday poster

 Charlotte got food ahead of Cyn and the kid's

 The three sisters, Charlotte and Suz born on the same day 10 years apart.  Cyn somewhere in the middle.

 My son is still feasting on the red velvet cake.  He said he's not fearing the "diabeatus".

 Jeff Probst sent Charlotte this mask.

 Suz loved her jewles

Charlotte loved her Ashley Judd/UK hockey poster from Sharon.  I guess back in the day when it was printed it was very controversial because of her buttocks being exposed.  It's now a sought after collector's item. 
 Have a great weekend and I hope to have some uplifting stories of inspiration to tell you about when I get back..CSL


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