Friday, September 17, 2010

The drudgery of housework....

...I'll skip the boring details but cleaning my house is a necessary chore because everything goes smoother when you know where things are and your clothes are clean.  I got my weekend cut out for me.

G2 has gone to a hunting camp (bow) for a long weekend trip.  He does not hunt, however.  He went with a few other non-hunters to ride ATVs and scare the elk away from the hunters, drink copious amounts of beer get out in the mountains between Wolf Creek Ski area South Fork in the eastern San Juan's.

  The Zumba thing is working and I feel better already after three weeks of classes.  I have never sweat so hard in my whole life.  Well maybe when I used to do pencil-neck dance to Echo and the Bunnyman and the like, in the early eighties.

Last night was the first night of Survivor.  We had a good dinner and a great time.  They sorted out the folks to the younger tribe, under 30 and the older tribe over 40.  Of course I am rooting for the older tribe because the younger tribe members are such smug fucks, except what ta hell is Jimmy Johnson doing on survivor?

Well sorry to keep you on such a mundane post.  Maybe I'll think of something funny or amusing after I post this which is typical.  Adios amigos, Carolllaaaaaaaaa!


  1. It wiped out my comments! Arg.

  2. Zumba- yay.
    Dying in Prospect Lake- unreal, horrible.
    KC-yay but have misgivings


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