Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday

was sitting here at work at the paper and my boss said there's budget cuts in the works for next year going on now.  I come to work expecting nothing not even a job right now.  They even got the company park and parking lot for sale.  I can see them cutting my day out of the photo budget.  Jes' saying.

Anyway before that I was pretty happy thinking about other things like this weekend....

We had a good-time in Breck at the cabin Saturday.  Here's a quick photo review.

This is the fox we made friends with.  I use the term "friend" very loosely.  He didn't come in for beers but we all thought he was cute and hung around hoping for food.

 He even was willing to make house calls, although he never came in the house he wanted to.  We just didn't know if he/she was well-behaved.

  As always, we ate real well.  Beef Stroganoff et al by KJ, all wonderful.


 Decorating for Mark's birthday.

  He was very surprised.

We sprang for some expensive scotch,

and Sue made a lemon cake.

He loved both.
We played some poker and swapped lies.  I missed Char's and Suz's birthday party but like Cyn said you can't be everywhere all the time.   They all said they missed me because there was no one else to possibly do the "cockroach".  Possibly is pushing it because I haven't pulled anything like that in awhile.

The Broncos floundered against Peyton Manning yesterday.  They had a chance but could not get the job done in the red zone.  That and the Colts could. 
Tonight Da Bears take on the Packers.  Good luck Cutler.  Good luck to your and yours.  Some people say you make your own luck, but I think you also need some genuine plain old luck too, I do. Csl.

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  1. The fox came back the next night & got more snacks... the shot of me sitting at the table says i don't need no more snacks!


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