Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A quickie

hello to everyone.
I tried working just a six hour day on Tuesday because eventually it's supposed to be a be a half day and I guess I am not ready for that yet cause I am wayyyyy behind going in to my Thursday deadline day.

One of the really frustrating parts of the job is that I edit other's photography for design placement.  I do know a thing or two about what constitutes a good photo.  Sometimes I pick out the best of two evils and I get vetoed.  Jeez, if they want to bring the little paper up to credible standards or at least make it pretty, then they need to stop putting snap-shotty photos in.  I hate that more than anything.  Direct strobe with no regard for composure, or sports photos shot with a shorter lens at mid-aperture...that's what I am talking about, excuse me for talking shop, it's just been on my mind.

I drove up to Deckers for feature hunting for the paper Monday.  T'was a pleasant drive.  Here's one of the photos I shot that I liked the most.  Hope you like it too.

You probably have heard of the Hayman Fire even if you don't live in Colorado.  The forest ranger, Terry Barton, who allegedly set the fire by burning an angry letter from her husband received 12 years in prison for the arson that burned nearly a month and a half.  Feel how you like about locking her up, but I thought it was a harsh sentence. In contrast, the firefighter who started the Four Mile Canyon fire outside of Boulder, by burning brush outside his home was not charged with any crime.  It was the most costly fire in Colorado history that burned 169 homes.  I know there was no intent but I don't think it's fair.

Anyway enough whining, I do feel better and I hope you're week is going extremely well for you and yours....C.


  1. Having seen that picture on Facebook, in it's little size, this is much more dramatic. I would definitely submit this to any photo contests you see. It is death and renewal all in one, and shows the beauty of the renewal part. Although, aren't the dead trees awesome? Reminds me of a They Might Be Giants song called "The Day". it starts: "The day Marvin Gaye and Phil Ochs got married
    The trees all waved their giant arms".

  2. Thanks Joe, I concur about the beautiful starkness of the dead trees, kinda like the trees in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, with long arms that could grab. Anyway I am not that familiar with TMBG but Bryce is sharing downloads he likes. C.


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