Thursday, August 12, 2010

can't remember if I cried...

,,,,,,............When I read about his widowed bride, But something touched me deep inside ....and that's all I am saying about that.

On a serious note, I have been a seriously lame-ass blogger and for that I should be whipped, hard.  

Enough fantasizing but I am sorry my life has not afforded me the time to get on here and really let you all know what's going on.  I need sleep now, but I'll try to get some graphs in tomorrow.  

BTW, the thyroid is A-OK, I guess, like the rest of me, I just have a large one.

And for that I am thankful. C.


  1. Go thyroid, uh-huh, you're working, go thyroid!

  2. That's a good thing, Joe! uh-huh go thyroid


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