Sunday, August 8, 2010

another lost weekend

hey it's me.   Ya know in the beginning of "Marley and Me" when Owen Wilson keeps saying "Marley, you are the worst dog ever!",  I keep thinking that about my dog Jack.
     G2 got him a new bed pad, spent twenty bucks and went to an upholstery shop to get in cut to size, and what does he do?  Chewed it into pieces.  G2 doesn't know I stuffed the pieces into two pillow cases.  Anyway he also took a shit in the creek at the dog park, took a shit on our friend's front deck when we were over watching a movie, ran off while being let out to go potty, wouldn't let me go back to sleep this morning by getting on the bed and biting and pawing me the list goes on.  After saying all that, when I was looking for him after he ran off I was very panicked and relieved to get him back.

Ok the movie Mags and I saw was "Shutter Island",  we walked home to a dark house and the hall light I turned on burned out as I flipped the switch. At midnight and G2 away camping with Bubba, I really didn't want to think about the movie.  I have thought of it since.  Stop reading here if you don't want to risk reading a spoiler.

I am one of the few believers that Teddy was sane and it was a set-up.  I have thought about it and if you go to most movie blogs they say if you believe that, you just didn't get the movie.  Here are some supporting points to that theory:

     Saturday I took Mags clothes shopping, and out to lunch.  I went to a grill-out party at friend's house in the high-end suburbia in the northwest part of town.  It was very nice and I took it easy with the booze after my schooling last weekend.  When we got back to our own zipcode we went over and had a few drinks over at the Russel's, played some dice and talked about our Halloween costumes.  After noticing how tight Van Morrison's pants were in a music video that left not much to the imagination, we somehow got talking about how when men get sized for trousers at a tailor they are asked  "What side do you dress yourself?" This apparently means what side does your penis sit/lay so they can leave more fabric there to accommodate the size.  Anyway I had never heard about this tid-bit and thought you might enjoy knowing this too.

Well trouble at the dentist for the kids..... one of Mags caps from her bike accident, the tooth underneath maybe dying,  there's decay underneath and the hygenist was very troubled.  The dentist wasn't in but I say SHIT, I hope there's no more trauma for that girl.  If that wasn't enough, Bubba' molars have come in sideways and I hear  "ka-shing" at the orthodontist.  It's always something isn't it?  And then the doctor said I had a swollen thyroid that she would like a scan of next week.  I am not even gonna google what it could be cause I'll get all freaked that wraps up another long weekend.  Hope you r week is a fruitful one or at least a easy one..C.

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