Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey look it's Thursday

which is technically my Friday.  Don't hate.  I have a sucky desk job, oh it's not that bad, just didn't want you to hate.

Okay sorry to leave you with such a cliff hanger Tuesday, remember the dentist story?

Mags and I were waiting in the dentist's waiting room for Bryce.  We really
couldn't help but listen to the receptionists talk.  The younger, seemingly
obtuse one was talking about a young child that was a picky eater.  She went on
to say "she won't eat anything and to top it off she can't eat bread because
she's allergic to something that begins with a "g".  The other lady did
not offer any suggestions for the forgotten word.  I knew exactly what she was
stumped on.  Maggie blurted out, "gluten".  Then we just looked at each other
and laughed.  If they heard, they didn't acknowledge.  I had tears coming out of
my eyes.  It's gluten ladies, gluten, I know tough word..

We had a similar situation in Kohl's, but I can't remember the exact dialog.  I guess it wasn't similar except it was me and Mags carrying on like 3rd graders. We were looking through clothes and Mags was teasing me, probably cause I am large.  She wanted me to try on some animal print tops, to fit in with the other ladies at work. So I made her laugh about something and she cut a loud fart which made us laugh harder.  I know we're so juvenile.  But I know you have a similar story.

About the Academy, six weeks in and I am almost as fast as the designers that
taught me.  Almost.  They sure were doing some stuff the slow way.
There's a huge gap in my Thursday afternoons when I am waiting for the LT. Col.
to do the final proofing. I get on FB alot and fuck around.  I hate this the
most because I am tied to this cube with nothing to do but type my blog to my
Yahoo drafts.  Wah!

After we got home from Breck we went up to Diane's baby shower.  She's a
daughter of friends'.  She had her kid shortly after her 18th birthday.  I won't judge because it could of happened to me, I'll just say, she has no clue what she has missed. Lot's of girls have kids early on and everything turns out A-ok.  I wish her the best.  Cute baby.

Yeah, that's moi on the Alpine slide in Breckenridge.  It was the most fun I've had sober in a while.  Too bad it's so expensive.  What can I say except you've got to live sometimes no matter what the cost.

After the shower we went over to Neil's and Shelly's for a Mexican-themed 

dinner. It was nice and fun. We played a dice game with quarters called, "left,
right and center". That's that and that is why I was sooooo tired out come
Mon-Thurs., a full weekend. 

Mag's first day of school was Wednesday and Bubs will go to orientation on
Monday, school on Wednesday, so back to the grind by mid-week

This weekend looks full too.  Looking forward to a few days to do nothing.  Hope
you get to do what you want to too. C.

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