Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the answer my friend....

is no matter what you may think, there's someone else with an opposite thought, that is thinking they are just as right.  Just a thought.

I worked for the Gazette the whole day for a glorified head-shot.  Yeah, there was some wrecks, a robbery, a plane crash, guy stuck in a sewer and I did not know about any of it.  My phone musta been out of cell service.....eheheheh. I was driving around looking for a feature, put over fifty miles on my car. Thanks to the power that is, was and forever more.

The weekend was fun and full.  Simply put, it was fun-filled.  Friday I stayed in didn't drink and went to bed at nine, pm.  I know you're waiting for the fun part. To me that was fun. Saturday day I cleaned and took Jack to the dog park.  I know you're still waiting for the fun part.  Saturday night we had a few folks over for crab that did not make it to the first crab fest.  It was crab=a=licious.  Even that was an early night.

Wait for it, wait, here's the fun.....

Sunday I slept in.  Unintentionally.  Greg left for golf at 7:30.  I was hoping Jack would let me sleep in.  I woke up at 9:45 in a panic.  Ran out to the living room looking for Jack and the screen door was opened and he was gone.  I asked Mags when the last time she saw him was and she said about a half hour ago.  He then ran in al out of breath.  I have no idea how long his walk was.

This is the print of the month, (thanks to Joe, I sold a few of the sunflower prints and got one for me-self.)  Same deal photo print 8 x10 print-high quality for $25 mailed.

Let me know if you want one.

The pig found it's home for now,with Scary Santa.

Here's Mags with Jack showing her guns

Ok these are all out of order, so forgive.  This was Sunday at the Perran's they had a BBQ.  All three kids came home including Tess who surprised her mom and brought her to tears.

We all hung out in their luxurious house and ate their good food and drank their drink and laughed and laughed.  Thank-you gracious neighbors. I drank Noel's best wines.  Doesn't get any better than that, my favorite expensive wine is someone else's.

See this camera phone does ok but it's not the D3, good for snaps though.

Pikes Peak, with cloud shadows from my morning dog walk Monday.  Today I walked in the pouring rain.  It was quite nice because it was still about 65 degrees.

This is Jack at the dog park in Bear Creek.  It his most favorite place on earth.  He finds the biggest baddest dog and harasses him and they play rough.  Or he'll find the oldest old man, walking a 20 year old Golden and run at them full speed.  He never jumps up or runs into them, he just likes to get my heart going.  Dogs.  Keep it up, whatever your doing, it's good. Thanks for listening. C.

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