Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Crab Fest

Okay got it together.  The third movie I watched Sunday was The Invention of Lying, with Ricky Gervais.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but seeing I was firing on a single cylinder, I wouldn't put too much weight into my review.  I would recommend it and give it 3 1/2 out of five, "big men in the sky".

Here's some snaps from the king crab fest we put on Sat.

KJ and Ron

Mark and Sarah

bar scene

The Perrans, Sue and Sharon

Dave and Sue

Sue and Char

G2, Jack and Dean

Me and my pig.  This needs explanation but I can't give you one, not a good one. I guess it was found and purchased for myself by either the Russel's or the Plush's or a combination, at a yard sale, evidently John has many a wood-working hour into  this pig.  They even got it little pink shoes.  It currently has no name, but I am excepting suggestions. ( do you like the drink grip?)

Greg's fab sign.

Eating crab

The kid's table

I am in this one, centerleft

The third table down

The reason I got so drunk, Cyn, not the wine.(she got me on the Beam)..but I know it's my own damn fault..

The real reason I got so drunk.  Wine -- it's what's for dinner.

We're happy but blurry.

Just don't talk politics.

Joe and Bobby

Bobby and Cyn

I don't even remember playing guitar.  I am sure I was great.

I have no explanation for this one either.

Feeling the wind

I cannot tell you how much fun this night was.  Big fun.  Thanks, all we have the greatest friends.

Now back to work.......

Shot a fire downtown Monday morning.  It was at a martini bar.  I went there about 5-8 years to go. Too bad it was a nice place.

This is the photo that ran.

I'm having a mucho better week at the Academy.  So far.  Tomorrow is D-day (deadline day)

Walking to my car today, there was a loud speaker saying something was heading towards the Academy  and was five nautical miles away blah blah blah,  immediately head for cover... well i kinda ran to my car and rode on out of there I guess it was a strong thunder storm.  Hope you stay out of the storm...all for now, Carol

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