Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hey peeps

whats happening?  One cool thing about working up north is golfing Wed. lunchtime with G2 and Neil for $10 a lg bucket and lunch at Pinecreek. I am a beginner but I can see learning the game.  I know I said when I was old and learning crochet, I would learn golf.

Last weekend we checked out a timeshare in Breckenridge.  

It's at the bottom of Peak 7.  They are still finishing two of the buildings and the pool area.  It's called Grand Lodge.  Sounds grand and it is.

The rooms were awesome.  We didn't buy into it, but after the high-pressure sales pitch we did pay for a package that will be of good value if we use the vacation time.  Let's see if we were hood-winked.

Then we did some sight seeing and ate out every meal, I've never eaten so much food.  Ok, well maybe once.

But I have never seen or eaten a deep-fried twinkie.

Mags sure enjoyed it.  It's one of the quirky foods at The Mother Lode, advertises the best and the worst of Americana food.

As painful as it was, Bubs stayed with Mags while she shopped the boutiques and then they went for coffee.  That's a good brother.  

This was sunset in Frisco.  We went there to see a street concert.  We didn't see much of it, just the end of the Subdudes.  Long story short, we decided to go out to eat.  We were seated in the bar cause the dining area was full.  There was a drunk in the bar.  Not a tipsy guy but a sloppy drunk who was LOUD and DRUNK.  It was entertaining for the first ten minutes.  Then it was annoying for twenty minutes.  Then he got louder and the frequency of swear words increased and a drunk buddy came in and the complaint about his i-phone started over..  Then it was another half-hour and G2 asked that we be moved into the dining room, which had emptied out cause we had waited about an hour or so.  

Anyway the dining room and the meal was fabulous.  Vinny's, in Frisco. Just don't sit in the bar. I love this photo cause Bubs is laughing so hard.  We have the same sense of humor - warped.  We went back to our room and I went straight to sleep.  The long-day, the sales pitch, the wine, the altitude.  We couldn't wait to get home and get our dog.  Isn't it funny how you think you need to get away from something than you miss that the most.   Alpine sled photos I'll post later.  Also, gotta funny story about the kid's dentist appt. yesterday.  I'll spill it later. thanks for reading.  C.

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