Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pays my ticket when I speed

We had a Thursday night non-event get together with our neighborhood friends and a good time had by all.  G2 did a phenomenal job on some smoked chicken, beets and corn, that incidentally I planted.  "Who fucking eats beets?," your thinking, well they were awesome.

We were eating and talking and carrying on like normal 40-50 year-olds and G2 puts on some music that he found on his i-pod that he misplaced that was labeled "Carol's Play list", anyway it was a great compilation of Led Zep,Warren Zevon, Neil Young, Dead and Pink Floyd and the like.  It took me back to college days and younger years.  Where did the time go?  Where ta hell did the time go?  How did I get here?

I am not disappointed, just confused.  Plus I drank three or four glasses of wine, for medicinal purposes only.  Be a sunshine daydream to someone today if you can, tomorrow they maybe gone and you maybe questioning it all.

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