Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Hug

Here's a big hug for you since I've been such a self-absorbed creep wallowing cause my mac is on the blink, Wah, wah.  To be honest however, there' not been much to say until this morning when I dyed my blonde hair dark brown, I know WTF, should have gave you warning to try to talk me out of it.  Too late I feel like I have a bad Halloween wig on.  Maybe I'll have to get my hair stripped, of maybe I 'll just get highlights or maybe I'll just see how it works out.  The biggest mistake was not letting a professional do it.  I also did my eyebrows even though the stylist who did my hair said not to.  "How hard can it be?", I wondered.  After rinsing the dye from my hair and brows, I looked like Groucho Marx, because of the dye transfer on my skin.  My daughter kept saying, no mom it doesn't look that bad.   Well she was just being kind.  When I got back home after dropping her off I knew I had two choices, call in sick for work of get 'em looking ok.  So I waxed them and then they were both ugly and red looking.  But did I call in sick, nooooooooo, I am here right now with many people gossiping about me as I type. (well really not sure if anyone really would care enough to be gossiping, but made for better blog)

So enough about me, what do you think about me?  That was a joke.  A bad one.
One assignment yesterday took me hiking in Red Rock Canyon Open Space.  Its a beautiful place, lesser known that it's big brother Garden of the Gods, but just a quarter mile south.  The first bench we hiked to had a frozen hand print in it,cool.  The article was on letterboxing, a form of hiking, treasure-hunting, rubber stamping, type of activity that's been going on I guess for about a hundred years.  It is really like geo-cashing but with no GPS, just written clues about where the box containing a notebook and rubber stamp is hidden. Anyway there's a website, search letterboxing if you want to know more.

This is a view from where the letterbox was hidden.  Red rock formations and nice hiking, biking trails. Please come visit and I'll take you there.  And if you live here, lets go hiking or biking.

This is Ann Grant who took us to the sight of the letterbox.  She actually replaced it because her last box got damaged and the note book looked like an accordian because of the water damage.  My signature is second.
Anyway I hope I end up feeling good about my first day as a brunette or whatever this color is, and I hope you feel good today too.

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