Friday, November 13, 2009

Another day, more lay-offs at work!

Had a wonderful time at my Sweet Ass "Survivor" birthday bash, thanks for all my cool gifts, especially loved my Johnny Cash book, Christmas CD ( I hear them reindeer comin', comin' around the bend....),gardening book, Keyboard cat t-shirt, Loveland lift tickets, turkey wind-sock , lovely leather bracelet, the party favors,chocolate bars, Duffy CD,Bronco fleece blanket,Bronco sweatshirt,cast iron hook and especially the cool oil lamps, I promise not to use for heat. I am wearing my keyboard cat shirt today and feel so special.  Hope I didn't forget anything which would be totally acceptable, well because I am old total shock.......................

Well BIG news today when I got in to work.   Another round of lay-offs meant to satisfy a 2010 budget for bankruptcy proceedings in January.  I am STILL in shock like you fucking wouldn't believe.  They laid-off 8 newsroom employees including our long-time photo editor and one of our up and coming photographers. WTH.  I hope and pray everyone will be OK.  My life will change.  No longer have the coveted weekends off.  Looks like were going on a rotating schedule.....but I still have a job and for that I am thankful.
Anyway tough times.

Came across this during out ATV ride in the mts last weekend Seems like this dumbass  dude thought he could turn around through this ditch.  It threw him and his rider off and flipped it bruising her ribs.  Live and learn.  We and a good day or riding though.  The trails were snow-packed in the shade and wet everywhere else.

In the Hayman burn area, the stick trees go on forever.
A special shout out to Bev who is super funny, witty and comments on the blog.  Thank-you I have been super busy but gotta get back to doing more reading on the blog roll.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Man, sounds like you cleaned up at your birthday party! Good for you! Layoffs are rampant, count your blessings! My husband is also working weekends, but so much better than not working at all.


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