Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what's up? been awhile....

Had a great weekend but the images to go along with the blog on it are on the small snap shot cameras and I haven't down-loaded them yet. I'll try to get to them tonight as if I wait much longer I might forget what it was all about.  urggh, age ain't it great. Today I had a couple of good assignments one was on this peanut-sniffing dog training.  I guess they train the peanut sniffing dogs much like drug dogs they are just sniffing out different substances.  Anyway some kids are so allergic that they can go into anti-falatic shock and die even if they breathe peanuts from someone's breathe or touch a doorknob with peanut butter on it.  Dogs are trained and families can buy the dogs.  There's a waiting-line as yo can imagine for dogs like these.  They run ten grand or so.  This dog's name was Sage and she was saved from a shelter in Grand Junction after the owner could not deal with her hyperness.  Some dogs are just meant to work.  A peanut pouch was hidden in these chairs and she found it.

The Penrose room at the Broadmoor received it's first five-star rating ever.  The executive chef Bertrand Bouquin is pleased as you can imagine.  Some day I would like to eat there, but since it's a five course meal starting at about $100/plate not including wine it might be awhile. A long while. Beautiful room.

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