Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I know, Lordy if I see Jack the dog one more time.....

These are some photos of my awesome hibiscus trees that I bring inside through the winter.  Usually I do good with them but they are water sensitive, good lord, they are tropical,so thankfully they work for me in the winter months.  I do however, battle aphids.  In the past I've taken the organic approach.  Not this year if they don't go away with the rubbing alcohol method I will napalm those little bastards if I have to.  I am not making nice this winter.

pretty don't you think?.......They are one of my favorite blooms, yes I am repeating myself

If you re-bloom your poinsettias its time for  them to get 12 hours day light and 12 hours dark.  That means if you can't achieve total 12 hours dark you're supposed to put them in the closet.  I do not do this but they re-bloom sometimes late.  A street light will effect them.  I know I am probably one of the few people who can't let them die. I put them outside in may garden in the summer.  I know what your thinking, This lady is going to end up with a hundred cats and a hundred poinsettias before hitting the nursing home.  Don't worry I won't let them take me without a battle.

This is a picture of my Ma and my sister Pam and her kid steve who's now like 30, I am sorry iam so tired now but our company came in tonight and I will edit the rest tomorrow.  I just had to give you  something cause my blog got stale.sorry, Carol.  OK I am back, new day............Yeah the in-laws have arrived.  I'll get to them later, but I'll stick to my living in the past right now.

Ok these are some very old, but attractive photos of myself.  Yeah a little egoistical of me but its nice to remember the days and think how can I at least get back there a somewhat....I think I can....

just losing the extra weight will help me out.  Anyway I came across the photos when looking  for the paint for Mags headboard.  It's painted and in her room so I've made progress.

Ok, I will add this my mother-in-law drives me fucking batty.  She insists on making this sweet potato dish she's never made before.  We don't like sweet potatoes, at least if it's mixed with coconut.  I will just let her do it, just get outa my way when I am cooking later.  She's real nice just a pain. I will still go to heaven, won't I?  I know there's no beer in heaven and therefore Highly overrated.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING and thanks for letting me ramble.  Feel free to leave me a comment.  That would show some love, and I love love.

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