Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I've been away or maybe just unavailable

I got this the other day in an email, you may have also. The type above the photo says "if you wake up looking like this..........

don't go to work!!!!!,  Hell if I woke up looking like this, I think going to work would be the least of my worries.  Maybe I would more likely thinking, what ta fuckedy happened last night, why do I look like Tory Spelling??   Anyway rest assured CDC,  if I come down with the swine flu or wake up looking like this I will stay home.

I got cool Halloween photos and coffin race photos but they are at work and I am at wahh.  I felt I really needed to put in a post since I've been negligent.  Had a great party Sat. night here at our house.  Might have been one of our funnest evah.  I caught a buzz without taking out the speakers and I think everyone had fun.  Danced the night away.  I remember the nights of dancing from the late eighties and early nineties.  I went through my old CDs Fri night and made some dance compilations what a  walk down memory lane that was.  Anyway it really worked out to be quite fun.  photos to come.

Well the Broncos seriously sucked in Baltimore Sunday.  Kinda had the feeling they would right off the bat.  The Raven's ran all over them from the get go.  G2 and I are heading up to Denver for the Monday night game against the Steelers.  Wouldn't you know the forecast for Monday is snow and in the 20's for the game.  It has just been incredible weather here. Highs in the seventies.

Went to Canon City to one of their 12 er so prisons down there today.  The story is on how inmates make fishing rods.  Like really nice ones that sell for $500 dollars to thousands, with rattle snake skin handles, bamboo rods and deep sea rods..  The guys that make them are mostly in for sexual assaults.  The nicest guys and good looking too.  WTF, they all said they want to get back to what they were supposed to be like before their major slip-ups.  We'll look' em up on the internet to see what horrific crimes they've committed.  One kid tending to the tilapia farm had been in there since he was 18.  Seemed like the nicest kid.  Now he has a felony conviction and he'll get out at 30 with all that life wasted.  Well maybe not wasted since he has been tending to fish.  He said he thought no one cared for him.  Sad way to find out they did.

Tomorrow the Survivor crew comes over to celebrate my daughter's 13th b-day, so I will just post on that instead of trying to remember Survivor last week.

The rest of this post is photos of people shopping at Walmart .  Yes, I do occasionally shop at Walmart, , not often, no apologies.  I do tend to wear clothes though, well we all have our standards, no?  Lets just say if I ever catch any of you out there looking like this you'll have some 'splaining to do.

 Talk about cottage cheese....!! But my point is even if you're in the best shape...WHY OH WHY would you go out in public this way??

 OMG!!!  This is just too nasty for words...

Is this Hillbilly Sexy Couture??

She must have been in a real hurry today, she forgot to put the rest of her clothes on....Oh wait a minute is that a Tank Top or Bra???


  1. Eeek! Those Walmart pics never fail to scare the cr*p outta me! I go there as infrequently as possible but I've never seen anyone dressed (or undressed) like these folks!

  2. Well, I think you really went the extra mile this time Carol! The pics are just outrageous and quite disturbing. I've been to Walmart many times but never have I seen gnarly stuff like you've shown here. Thank goodness. Anyway, great posts here and I love reading them. Thanks for the big time last night for Maggie's b-day and for survivor! Russell may be in trouble....


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