Friday, November 6, 2009


ran into my neighbor Joe as he was heading out for a ride a few days ago.  The weather here has been incredible.

speaking of Joe he sent me this two-picture landscape of the sun throwing shadows
on the mts. Cool shot.

Maggie had a big time at her Survivor Birthday celebration.  Thank you.  She loved all her gifts and the company. About Survivor, I can never really understand why the strong team doesn't take out the weaker team upon merge.  Now the girls can turn on the strong team and vote out people who had majority, just saying.  Laura is my new victim of my disdain.  That guy Erik that got voted out just kept craming his foot in his mouth at council.  Blindside.  Probably the first of many.

Remember how I was telling you about the prison inmates that made fishing rods. Dave here with one of the cats they keep for mousing is one of them.  I hope he gets it together in the real word.

thats it, lack of wit today.  no nasty pix.  just a bid for a good weekend C.
ps the title from facebook sight
no,i didn't join but i might

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to move to CO, for sure. Love that b-day shot as well!! Very cool.


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