Thursday, April 22, 2010

you tellin' me it's earth day?

OK.  Happy Earth Day then.  But I knew all along.

Here's a taste of my day, so to speak.

Volunteers planted trees in Bear Creek Park.  Nothing sexier than a woman wielding a pick axe.

Tornados were touching down in SE Colorado today.  We got a nasty cloud, suitable for the gates of Mordor over Pikes Peak.

Geese, they each had their wet spot.  They each had leg tucked up like they were one legged, so I walked around them feeling all sorry for them looking for a wound when they were hoping for a handout all along.

Some pools in town are closing due to hard times.  Sorry about that.  How can they make them self-sufficient?  I guess get them out of city control.  That's what saved three of them.  The government can fuck up a free lunch.

My daughter's school was evacuated today because an odor that sent some girls fainting ect.  Never could find the cause. I think it was mass hysteria.  Mags got all defensive because she thought I was hinting they were faking the illness but not at all.  I'm sure they all thought they were ill.  Mostly girls were effected.  

Looking forward to Survivor at Ron and Char's in just a few minutes, better run, ta ta for now.C.

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