Friday, April 23, 2010

It's about time....

the work week ended......Halejuela,hallejueia,hallelujah or whatever how you spell it. I spell it freedom.  But before I go and have fun this weekend  I thought I'd give you a little somem'

Anyhow I thought it give you a chuckle to tell you about my flour incident.  My son failed to bring in a huge bag of flour Wednesday after I shopped.  He claims he didn't hear me say "bring in the flour".  That's okay I ignore people too at times I even say,'uh-huh".  Anyway it was a gully washing, frog-strangling downpour Wednesday night and my hatchback to my car leaked and the flour bag got wet.  When I brought it in the house, Thursday morning, flour trailed up the stairs and when I got in the kitchen the bad disintegrated.  
I made it to the side sink and was able to save two tupperwares full.  What a cluster-fuk.  That's why I drink. Shit happens to me, just little shit but a lot of it.

Anyway I was so happy to save some flour, I made a blackberry buckle.  I used this recipe
Blackberry Buckle.  Don't worry a mentally-challenged person can make it, I did. I'm also sure other berries would work, well maybe not crunch berries.  I bet peaches would be good too.
I cut a piece for my son, despite his inability to follow commands.  I took the rest to Survivor dinner.  Yum, the whole meal.  Nothing beats a burger on the grill.

The show was pretty good too.  I swear for as long as we've been watching it it never ceases to surprise me.  Russell, the evil troll, was able to convince the heros he was a hero too.  I think next week, he'll get a taste of his own medicine.  Honestly for as much as I cannot stand him he does keep it entertaining.  

It was a little wet in town today.  Bubs school was cancelled.

because it looked like this in the western area of his district. Memo to Mother Nature:  Give us a fucking break .  It's April 23rd now.  We get it.  Yer the Mofo boss.

I told you about my daughter's school and the odiferous sickness that sent some students to the hospital.  Today she went and got her belongings.  Still no word on the cause.

OK I've worked on my tree "art" and this is what I've come up with, thus far.

I kinda like it.

I keep forgetting to tell you Bubs lettered in academia.  Yes a big M for a 4.0 GPA. One thing I do remember about Saturday night is I kept saying AwkaDEEMia, he lettered in AwkaDEEMia, no wonder I forgot the night.  Ok, I know it's not right to have the pride.

Anyway excited about Inglorious Bastards, yes the movie, tonight and stone crab dinner with KJ, Bob et al on Sat.  Maybe the skies will clear up and I can actually work outside.  Inside, outside, hope you do what ever it is you want to, even if it's nothing.

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