Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cuckoo for cupcakes and Basterds

First the good.......mm good.......

made by this lady who started a biz called The Couture Cupcake Co.

She was a good egg for going along for the portrait.  She hated every minute of it.  But honestly she could never afford the advertising a cover of the Food section will deliver.
Too bad I dropped the doz. she boxed from the shoot for the photo dept.  A case of tastes good,looks bad.

then the bad......

Murder scene in an area of town called the Cage of Fear.  Sorry, but I cannot agree with the argument that crime is up in that area because the street lights have been shut off.

well, tied for ugly......

thought you had a bad day.....

and the boring..

out east of town, where they are proposing a VA cemetery.  Pretty far out there. Maybe in 20 years it will butt up against development.  I don't think so, too far.

and today's cat art...

preeeety baby

OK. Inglorious Basterds, Directed by the ever-dark , quirky, brilliantly surprising, QuentinTarintino

I thought this movie was great. Took place in Nazi occupied France in 1941 ish, (My daughter left halfway through, but she is 13 and we were all beat up from a long week. ) In the opening scene Nazi's are looking for hidden Jews in the French country-side. The first scene is very unnerving.  The tension is so thick. But it is soooo freaking long.  But brilliant.
I love Tarintino's style and he make's no apologies for laying it all out, straight-up.  He offends, and stereotypes. Loved Brad Pitt and Waltz.  A lot to take in, but worth the time. Take that Nazi's.  My grade... A.

Have a fab Wednesday,  love, C.

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