Monday, April 19, 2010

Senior photo, senior moment

Bev from Out of my Head...Into yours came up with the clever idea of posting senior photos, and  I'm going along with it.  Me, class of 1978 Wayland Central School.

This actually wasn't the photo used with the class in the yearbook but in an ad for the photographer in back, that's why it's black and white. that and color film was not yet invented back then.

Got that out of the way.

OK I was very,very intoxicated Saturday night.  No biggie...I think.  G2 and I went over to the Russel's to play poker.  Had so much fun I forgot there was limit to my alcohol consumption. That's what happens sometimes when you get among good friends and there's drinking going on.  I hope they except my apologies for how much fun I might have been or  any antics that include drunken buffoonery.  I promise to pass along any good stories from the evening, because clearly I was on auto pilot after awhile. I really hated wasting the day yesterday laying around and watching HGTV and Food Network, but any activities that required any thought process or energy were off limits. 

Got that out of the way too.

BTW, all the pond fish survived the utility worker's step in our frozen pond so he's forgiven.  Hope your day is cheery,cheerio.....C.


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