Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am concerned

about that giant oil spill.  This could really mess up the coast down there.  I know, I love to state the obvious.  Just saying.............

Matt Lauer was asking the tough questions this morning on the Today Show.......getting really heavy and in the face of the BP oil rep.  What a douche. Like he's a real journalist.  I am sure this is not how he wanted things to go.  No time for blame, just get some experts in there and wish for the best. Yeah they're drilling down there so Lauer can drive his BMW and they can send Al Roker to Iceland on a lear jet to tell us about the volcano and the national weather.  No double standards at the Today Show.  I don't know why I watch that shit.  Stick to cooking tips, cancer patients that write books and crime victim's families, and regular Today show fodder.    Let's just try to clean this up ASAP.

Shot the Athena Awards today, which is a big hooray award for a local female business leader. Anyhow before I left for the assignment I spoke with the  biz writer and we agreed to leave later than usual so we weren't standing around while everyone ate a Broadmoor lunch, wiping their mouths with fine linen and going on about it.  So the reporter calls me while I am on the way there and says "Carol, they announced the lady early and she's speaking now"  so I said," I'll be right there", and I was.  So I dashed in and started shooting away at the speaker and I am thinking "wow this lady is funny and great expressions too"  and a lady beside me said " I hope you can stay later to get the Athena winner, so it dawned on me that the lady on the stage was not the winner but a professional keynote speaker and her name was Karyn Ruth White.  She was a riot and made kneeling on the ground for 30 minutes well worth it.  I am now very inspired to be the best cranky mom ever.   I'll work on it Karyn.  

She said, don't be a joy squisher...

She had this bra under her shirt, lift, separate, affirm

Bubs and I got our hair done yesterday.  I gotta put his picture up.  He is so cute and he has a spring in his step and is now writing poetry.  It's amazing what a do will do.  I'll do that tomorrow.  Looking forward to Survivor tonight.  We're having a fish fry,yay.  Hope yer peachy, C.

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