Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Holiday Inn Incident

This is supposed to be the post where I write about the FIRST robotics competition in Denver and how all the local teams did and put in photos of my son's  team. But there won't be any of that.

I learned a long time ago, unless you, or someone you are with is in danger, walk away from a fight. I wish my son would have learned that lesson.

Last night after a great dinner with friends at Rock Bottom, we settled into our hotel and I called my son to say that we were in our room and see how things have gone for the team. He was very tired and a little incoherent. So we said goodnight.

A phone call 30 minutes later from the team's advisor didn't wake me but it was a jolt. There had been a fight, Bubs was involved. I went down to the end of the hall where he sat up against the wall. His face was red because he had been crying. Three parent chaperones and the advisor were talking with him. Not really talking, just standing there really. They were all shocked looking and didn't say much to me at all. The drama was over.

This is how it went down: After about 48 hours of very little sleep and lots of stress,my son and his friend were hanging out in their room. He was on his bed listening to music on his laptop with ear-jacks while reading. The roommates was angry. He had broken up with his girlfriend and it was a long day for all. (He is not a real pleasant person to begin with, in my humble opinion. He's been over at the house and never makes eye contact and is not friendly)  Anyway, he told Bubs he was gonna punch him if his ear-jack fell out of the computer again. It did and he threatened him again, and Bubs responded, "fuck you", and the other kid said, "say that again and I'll punch you", and Bubs replied, "fuck you". The kid attacked him and Bryce replied by pushing him back and ripping his shirt. That is the story from both sides from what I hear, as a partial non-participant. So they were both kicked out of participating in the finals.

The kid's mother drove up there around midnight and removed him from the hotel. I wonder if this was necessary. Bubs slept in our room and here we are all home. We are all bummed. What can you do? He's a peaceful kid that's never so much has had a playground fight, ever. Everything he worked for gone because an angry kid could not keep his hands off my son. And yes, he reacted poorly. It's never okay to hit someone no matter what.

This is my point: If the kid wouldn't have threatened B, no swearing would have occurred. If he wouldn't have attacked him, there would have been no fight. In this politically correct world, all participants must be punished. This is wrong in my opinion. He started it, B finished it.

He could have gone to cheer on his team but chose not to. You can take B out of the competition but you can't take B out of the robot. He has done nearly all of the programming and was still tweaking on it.

What more can I say. Tough luck.

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