Saturday, May 14, 2011

Always after me Lucky Charms.

Thinking Revenge

I am not a person of revenge. Normally. Oh sure, I might have wished bad luck on people who have messed with me in the past: the vice-principal of my son's school, who took it upon himself to over-react, suspend him, sending him into a downward spiral. For which he has never recovered from. Maybe costing us thousands in lost scholarships and therapy.  It's human nature. I figure karma will take care of meanness.

Sharon and I went out for a beer at the local brewery Wednesday evening. After all, it is a buck off refills of their jugs, called growlers, so why not. I met her and her co-worker down there and we had a beer and chatted about jobs and kids. Her friend stopped at one beer and said good-bye, When Sharon went up to refill her jugs (better visual than growlers), I ordered us another after we agreed we could handle it.

A man that looked like a leprechaun walked by and sat behind us. I recognized him as the high school administrator that had suspended my son. I do not wish to rehash that whole bit, but if you wish to read about it here's the link, The Holiday Inn Incident and the subsequent, That Chaps my Hide. He was staring at us and listening to our conversation, giving us advice on how to hook-up my phone to the wireless connection. Actually, I was bringing up his photo so Sharon could confirm he was the protocol following evil-doer.

Anyway, Sharon and I had a little buzz going since our first beer was about 50 percent alcohol and we are light-weights, sometimes. We were play-acting like we were romantically involved, talking loudly about "taking this party on the road" and hugging. She was calling me Natalie since I only spoke with him on the phone he would not recognize me. We didn't so much discuss getting this troll into a situation like you see in the movies where the bad guy is tricked into a compromising situation and finds himself naked and locked out of a room where he thought he might get himself into a three-way. But that's what I was thinking and I think that's what she was thinking. Anyway it was fun to think about and if we had more time on our hands it would of never ended that way. Never. Only in our wee heads.

Moving on
It took us a few days to recover from the fabulous Kentucky Derby party and the visit from the in-laws. I do have a little story to tell about that but since I titled this section "Moving on,  I will wait till some time when I title a section, "Looking back at shitty times with the in-laws".

We had Survivor at Denise and Noel's Thursday, Very good BBQ chicken and slaw.  I be dammed if the grand finally is this Sunday. So quick. I am just hoping Rob, the con guy who continually congratulates himself on being the best Survivor player evah, does NOT win. Piss-off  Rob, you and your wife have pocketed two-million from Survivor already. I am sure she has a nanny at home helping her as you sacrifice your daddy-duties to win another quick mil for your narcissistic self. So there, I feel better.

We are going out to see a band tonight. I think it has been a decade or so since we did this as a couple making a night of it so I might have a good post about that, hopefully.

My knee is doing better, thanks for asking and I have lost about 5 pounds on my acupuncture-herb lifestyle change, that seems to be working-but is fairly pricey. Thanks for asking about that too. Hopefully it'll be worth all the money in the end. Have a very wonderful day and weekend, and as always thanks for reading and leave a comment if you'd like. CSL.

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