Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Let False Estimations Rule You.

The LoFi Cowboys

A group of us went up to the Crystola Inn last night.  A band called the LoFi Cowboys was the main draw. The lead singer, Chuck Snow, is an old friend from days gone by, when live music was a huge part of my life.

 I had spoken to my guitar teacher, Mo, about seeing the group. He had recently seen them, spoke very highly and said I would love them and I did. We had a kick-ass time.

I really loved their country-country-rock interpretations of some fairly well-known songs, You Never Even Called Me by My Name, Country Roads, Wish You Were Here, a Dwight Yokum song I recognized but don't remember the name, The Rolling Stone's Classic, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Powderfinger, and to be quite frank, many I don't remember because I had a few beers, plus it's not what you remember, it's how they made you feel. And I felt great.

Joe and Sharon danced.

Sharon and Sue danced.

Some toga-wearers danced. Almost told the girl on the left I had the same comforter she was wearing. No one wants to hear that.

Chuck picked a lead.

They also had some fine original tunes. Tunes that you are wondering whose song it is because they are catchy and well-done.

I have never met any other members of the group but they all did their jobs extremely well. Chuck said they are about to hit the road on a tour that takes them through Texas to Southern California, I think. Five Blue Moons, remember, it's how they made you feel.

 Anyway here's some photos, according to their Facebook page here's some info on the band:
The Lo-Fi Cowboys were formed in early 2009 by local music veteran Chuck Snow. Joined by Kevin Waybright on bass, Ric Carney on drums, and Collin Estes on guitar and piano. They have special guests sit in, which explains the pedal steel player, who incidentally, was awesome.

Awesome bass player

 Drummer was right on.

Special guest pedal steel guitar player.

The keyboard player besides playing great keys also sang harmonies and rhythm guitar

Chuck played a lead with his teeth. I think.

The bar is a road-side honky-tonk. I guess the owner was a former Chicago Black Hawk. This info is strictly hearsay. If I was a regular in a bar, like back in the day, this would be it.

In between sets they played Jerry Jeff Walker and David Allen Coe and the like. It was like stepping back in time to college days when that was our type of song. Sure, we liked current songs as well, but
there's something to be said about drinking in honky tonk, just kicking hippies asses and a raising hell.

As much as I love Neil Young, this is funny.

Gardening News

From the bar to the garden. I cover it all. And I do own a garden bar.

The truth of the matter is that it's too cold to garden. I was out there yesterday until shelpping kids around and the dog park became more pressing matters.

Hope my seedlings didn't take a hit after leaving them outside last night. Honestly, I thought I had them inside. Damn Blue Moons. Probably didn't help.

The big garden mess I was working on yesterday.

The Award

Bubs did receive an award for excellence in Computer Programming, a class he did an independent study in, developing his own curriculum and teaching himself. So good for him, now he needs to wrap up this semester, yeah, with a damaged GPA, but just see if he can pass everything. It's that bad. 

One of the couples out with our group last night said their daughter, in his school, same year,  had odd sleep patterns too, staying up all night doing homework, missing classes from being too tired, ect. For the love of PETE, I hope he does not repeat this nonsense next year. You're thinking, "you're the parent, do something, lights out.", hey I try. I try. I guess if this is the worst of teen angst we deal with everything will be okay. 

He does real well in math...

Hey, a math teacher is a worthy profession.

Here's some snaps of my wonderful children yesterday afternoon:

Eyeliner is essential for picking up trash.


Choco de Baco

Remember: You don't have to call me darlin', darlin'. But I know you want to. C.


  1. Darlin, Joe looks wonderful tonight. What fun! Love the pics of your 3 "kids".

  2. You do Joe. Thanks, Darlin


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