Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is the End Near?

Probably not, but some nut job that's predicted doomsday twice and obviously was wrong, is saying it all ends Saturday, May, 21.

This is what I am envisioning...                 from


The grand-finally for Survivor was Sunday. Rob proved to be too big of a cunning douche to be taken down. That, combined with all the members of his tribe were a bunch of stupid, star-fuckers and they all but gargled his nuts. Maybe they did, but it didn't make the edit. Sorry, I just hate it when the obnoxious-ass wins the prize because everyone else simply folded their cards.

Other Shit

Well nothing much to report on the home front. Noel and I joined Mag's violin lesson last night to get his big beastly stand-up bass tuned up. We had fun with that. 

Well I am running out to Mag's class year-end dinner at her middle school. I know, you're so jealous your wishing some ill will on me right now. I'll be sure to catch you up on it right here, so stayed tuned. CSL

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