Friday, May 20, 2011


If the Rapture is tomorrow I am sure I will be joining the sinners. The good sinners. You know, the non-violent, non-thieving kind. If by chance it doesn't happen, well, I'll be back here.

I went to a end-of-year get together for Mag's 8th grade class. It was amusing. The acoustics of the gym were horrible so the white noise of the laughs, giggles and screams were deafening. I will not miss middle-schoolers. I swear they are one mean messed-up lot of humans. Especially the mean girls (not mine, ha ha).

The teachers gave each student an "award" by reading what the award was and the students would yell out their guess of the winner. When the award for the one who goes above and beyond came up, the kids were all yelling my daughter's name. But that was not her award. This is what she is known for:

I guess this is the same as going above and beyond but put in less positive way. Going above and beyond, but not when they are wanted to.

Then teachers then announced because the kids did so well on their standardized tests they would fulfill their promise to dance in front of the class.

Got to hand it to them for keeping the promise. Thought they looked more like they were seizing.

The lady's dance reminded me of Elaine's in Seinfeld.

The real winner of Survivor Redemption Island.
Noel, who had the forethought to have Rob selected as his player. For his intellect he got this cool crown and paid the pot $5. I know he doesn't look happy here, but trust me he was enthused. 

Yahoo News, if that's what you can call it, had this photo on their home page with the caption, Do you think the media has gone to far in releasing the name of Schwarzenegger's Mistress? Ya think?  Not so much for the mistress, she's a grown woman and knew what she was doing. Getting herself a rich baby daddy. It's the neighbors that are really getting the shaft. Yeah, and the kid. The media crossed the line so long ago there's really no line anymore. This is not news folks. It's a sad state of events that has been going on forever. Politicians, movie stars, ect. From Thomas Jefferson to JFK.
Love child. I doubt "love" had anything to do with it. They were talking in the office about how ugly the maid is. I don't think that's what Arnold was thinking about. I wonder what he said to the maid, ..
"your clothez. Giff em to me"
"Want to seez my love muscle"....
"Will you kleenze around little Arnold?"

There's better lines out there I am sure.
Anyhow maybe the rapture will take it out of the "news" shows. 

These are from a Boston Bruin's ad campaign that insults the opponent's fans.

(cause they are all old folks in Florida)
These are brilliantly funny. But they pulled the ads after complaints flooded in.

 Too bad they buckled. Anyway don't you buckle. I won't either. C.

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