Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally friday....

can I get an big Amen on that, sure, AMEN!!!!!  I told you I talked to myself.

I have about 100 hours of work in between my garden and my house to do this weekend.  I also would like to sleep for about 30 hours, so I will get done what I can and the rest will be there waiting for me after.  It don't add up...sadly.

Last Friday I went to Guffey and met this dude who has set up three Star Trek command stations in his cabin.  He was a trip.  Anyway he had lots of good stories, none which I care to pass on right now cause I want out the door.

I know, not what you expected.  Kinda like an old cowboy.

Got together with the Thursday night crowd last night.  The house was sooooo  hot we ate and stayed outside. Yes the TV is on in the background, sorry we were watching the Survivor Reunion, but did not really watch it.  During the coarse of the conversation, we discussed wether we pissed in the shower or not.

Noel said he did, and has everyday of his life as far as he remembered.  Denise was horrified.  I admitted that I have, but didn't think to much of it. It goes down the drain with a bunch of water.   I know TMI.  

Have a great weekend, and if it makes you happy, pee in the shower, just not the tub or the pool.  cheers. C.

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  1. Its good for the environment to be in the shower or out side. You don't waste any water.


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