Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's not to like.....

is what I wonder.

I absolutely have no photos to post from this past weekend.  I totally bagged the camera.

Had movie night with our neighbors/friends Joe and Sharon Friday.  We were supposed to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but when we turned on the TV there was a movie just starting on HBO called Hamlet Two, so we ended up watching that and it was funnier than hell.  Which is weird to say because I don't imagine hell being that funny.  It was funny damn it, so watch it if your couch potatoing it someday.

We did in fact watch Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the next night.  I know what your thinking,"Is that all they do?"  the answer being a resounding NO.  I am still sore for how hard I worked this weekend on the house and garden.  By the way, I enjoyed that movie as well.  It was odd and cheesy but something about it I found amusing.  Out buddy Dave stopped by for dinner and a movie.  Nice.

  Enjoyed a nice father's day cookout at the Perran's Sunday.  Thanks.  Very wonderful garden space, but like I said, no photos, sorry.  I found Greg's card the day after Father's Day and he said he didn't need no stinking card to know how much he's loved and appreciated.

I looked in on that renovation of the Mining Exchange Building, downtown Colorado Springs, last Thursday.  If it works out like the investor behind it wants it to, it should be real cool.  Also he said he would have me a job.  Like right. But I wonder.  Maybe a door will open.

Perry Swanson said he is bringing a New Orleans street feel to a performance space and a patio restaurant plus a boutique hotel to the historic building.

Does anyone else get creeped out by the ex-wife of the late Gary Coleman? For a love of Pete, he had a restraining order against her, plus she looks like Lurch from the Adam's Family.  Bleeck.  Fuckin freak show.  Hope she gets no money, maybe just the pot he had to pee in.  PS.... I obviously didn't take this photo or the next.  All canned hollywood stuff not shot by me, OK, I am not sure how to change the copyright credit at the bottom of my blog yet.  Just thought I'd clairify

Here comes my admission about watching stupid TV again.  Against my daughter's wishes I have been watching the bachelorette. But I am giving up cause I cannot stand to watch one more episode of this annoying twerp, Ali.  Plus all the men are unlikable turds.  Maybe this has been the case in seasons past and I just woke up my intelligence.  See I am better than that shit. 

Last night I had the Gazette photo dept. over.  Again no photos.  I know about 15 photogs and not a photo in sight.  We had a good time.  I got at least twice the food I needed.  Jack got a hold of a few hot dogs from a kid's plate and he shat on the kitchen floor before anyone could get him outside this morning.  I'll live a long full life if I neverr have to wipe up shit again. Sorry Jackie poo, or is it Jackie poopy?  toodles,XO, C.

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