Monday, June 14, 2010

Today is the first day

of the rest of my life.  As cheesy as that sounds it's true.

Mullally family portrait.  Shayla, left, had decided to move to Texas, so good luck,'ya'all.

Shayla's girl friend Amanda, Mags and Bubs all went  over to say goodbye.

I love this kitchen, happy hour Friday at the Perran's

portrait of Noel, titled, Noel with hat.

Traveling in the shaggin' wagon to Rudy's BBQ

Cyn was ready for the BBQ

I rarely see John without a smile

Rudy's BBQ, to be honest I would have to give it another go before I can give a honest review.

Jack is a Jeckle and Hyde dog.  A good boy then a very bad dog.

Janie looks so good.

She's been through hell lately with a heavy duty chemo treatment.

So cute, and a beautiful person.  

The Jones' party

Denise and Tamra.

Sue's potential FB photo

Some of my favorite peeps.

Emily was home from college for the summer


bob and eric

This dude could play some strings.

There was some drinking going on.

Just a bit.

The band came over for burgers Sun.

Pretty boy Jack.

I have lots to say but I'll just put the photos up for now.  I am extremely tired. ta--ta csl

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  1. 3 "out of this world" pics in there- both of Jack, and the one of Noel. And ours, of course. :-) But that pic of Noel is perfect. Jack is so photogenic. He sure "landed" in the right home. It's a match made in heaven. He's better looking than those Weimaraners. Photo book! I want to invest!


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