Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the reason for the shock

Remember a few days back I was so upset.  Prime example, I forgot to not expect anything.   I can't blame it all on the paper.  It's the name of the game. Like KJ says,  people will only take advantage of you if you allow them to.

    Today I was called into the editor's office,  It seems some jobs in the newsroom are on the line.  Not enough money coming in to satisfy the bottom line.  But wait, I could stay at the paper if I was willing to do design work at the Air Force Academy for their once-a-week newsletter-type paper, 2 1/2 days a week, mid -week..  I could even work for the photo dept. the extra twelve hours, hmmmm.  Well this was a shocker but maybe I need that change as much as anything. I am damn lucky to still have a job. Maybe a three day weekend could be worked out.  Maybe a door will open.  Maybe I will love it.....maybe I'll get off my ass and actually find the job that I know I am capable of doing and make some money too, now that I could get used to.
      Regardless,  I will pull my head out of my ass, because frankly I have no choice and no one likes a whiner. Bring it on.


  1. I'm sorry for the shock to your system, but sounds like you have a great attitude about it!

    Change isn't always a bad thing. Good luck!

  2. thanks Bev, all part of growing up.

  3. Design work huh? you may really like it.

    You're right, you never know what doors and opportunities will open, until you take the first step. Plus the paper must know your talent and the quality of person you are or they would have just handed you a pink slip.

    Hang in there girl! Sharon Bailey

  4. Thanks,you're so right Sharon!

    We're all so happy your moving to the hood! Hope to see you Sun.

  5. Don't worry be happy now. Loosing my Job last year turned out being the best thing that could have happened. Your a winner. Things will turn out great for you.

  6. Thanks,Oddie. I am a winner. I am a winner. I am a winner. maybe if I write it a thousand times I'll begin to believe it.

  7. This can only lead to the future, and I think your future is bright. Keep taking pictures of Jack. :-)


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