Thursday, August 27, 2009

mongolia,mogadishu, the snow leopard and the fuckidy fuck

I know what you're thinking,what now....I photographed a snow leopard at the zoo (see picture below) and co-workers were asking me why and I said because some zoo keeper visited where they lived ect ect and they said "oh, where do snow leopards live?" and I said " I am not sure some far away place that begins with m, mogadishu, madagascar, something like that." Well all I can say is if you dish out shit you better be prepared to take some. They laughed their assess off and asked do I know where Mogadishu is and I said well what to hell I was just coming up with M countries. I do know that Mogadishu is some god forsaken shit hole in Africa where everyone is killing each other and by the looks of that leopard, snow or not, she could live where ever she pleases(but hopefully not in the formentioned shit hole cause I am sure they would have the leopards extinct in a heartbeat cause they would sell the pelts for dollar sixty five or 60,000 dollars whatever they could get. Actually they live in the higher regions of Mongolia) So after being harassed for my dumb blonde answer I said " fuck you you fucking fuckedy fucks" cause although its not nice it sure made me feel good. I'll never live it down but I will keep my eye out for their next instance of stupidity.

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