Sunday, August 16, 2009

new fridge and school beginnings

Last Thursday we acquired KJs old refrigerator by way of her sister Patti. We also got Patti's five burner gas stove so very nice for us and thank you to them. But as you well know nothing comes easy. Kj's Bob spent the better part of Sat. in our dirty cabinets prepping for gas installation. I was shamed into cleaning them and lining them. Even the scarey one by the stove that I rarely go in which is ridiculous because I need all the storage I can get in our small kitchen, Well its cleaned out and I saw no bugs no beetles and no droppings. I spent a few hours cleaning our old fridge that I had no idea was so dirty it took three full tubs of water to clean it. I mean when I dumped this water it looked like a mud puddle. We sold our old fridge on Craig's list which will pay for the gas/electric work Bob's doing, so what comes around goes around.
Other than that it was a fairly tame weekend. Had a neighborhood happy hour at the Mullally's very nice, and then watched Broncos preseason at Ron and Chars. The Broncos will suck suck suck this year. They blew it getting rid of Cutler. Yes he deserved to get his ass kissed. Yes he was that good. McDaniels is a fucking mistake. Mark my words.
Tomorrow is Bryces first day of high school and I don't pray for much but I will pray that he has a good year. His best friend moved to Florida and he feels like his friends have gone in different directions. I hope to hell he makes some friends and has a good school year. I also pray that the insurance company comes through for his operation. Pray pray pray for Bubba.

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